7 cheap (but gorgeous!) plants you can buy online for under $20

Now that spring is getting closer and closer (we promise, it’s coming!), it’s hard not to think about all the gorgeous flowers that are finally starting to bloom and not want any for yourself. Even if you don’t own your space, it’s nice to bring some potted plants into your environment so you can have a little bit of nature inside. And fortunately, this is something you can do even if you’re on a tight budget. There are tons of cheap, gorgeous plants you can buy online for less than $20, as long as you’re willing to walk to the mailbox to get them. Seems pretty easy, right? Having plants is totally doable, and it might even make your days a little happier, too.

And best of all, many of these plants are easy to care for, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, they should be pretty difficult to kill. Whether you’d like to start a garden in your yard, keep a few beautiful house plants indoors, or just want to prove that you can actually keep something alive on your desk, one of these plants you can buy online might be for you — and you won’t have to break the bank or leave your couch to purchase them.

1. Succulents from Amazon, $18.99


Succulents are one of the many plants you can buy online, and they are pretty much perfect — let’s just make that official. They’re inexpensive, they come in a large variety, they’re totally on trend right now, and they require very little attention; just a bit of water every now and then will keep them alive. Amazon sells them in variety packs — including a four-pack for $18.99 — so you can definitely get a little more bang for your buck.

2. Black-eyed Susans from Gurney’s, $7.99


If you love the way that sunflowers look, black-eyed Susans might be for you. This plant is pretty with bright yellow flowers guaranteed to liven up any space, and it can grow up to three feet tall. It also attracts butterflies, so if you love the winged insects, it’s not a bad idea to introduce Susan to your garden. You can buy a plant from Gurney’s Seed & Nursey for just $7.99.

3. Bamboo from Amazon, $16.99


Known for murdering practically any plant you touch? Bamboo is notoriously easy to take care of, it’s pretty, and it’s supposed to bring good luck. All bamboo needs is fresh water every two weeks, and you’ll be in business. Amazon sells a plant in a braided design for $16.99, and it even comes with a vase to keep it in. What could be better?

4. Dracaena from Etsy, $16.99


Did you know you could buy plants on Etsy? You definitely can, and this one is a steal. Dracaena is a gorgeous, green plant that needs to be kept moist and have indirect sunlight. Otherwise, it does its own thing while you do yours — and it would make a seriously beautiful addition to your living room. You can buy a plant on Etsy for $16.99, and some sellers even offer free shipping. Pretty sweet deal.

5. Croton fromWoodies Garden Goods, $20


Crotons are leafy, colorful, and can live right inside your bedroom, provided you have a window where they can soak up their sunlight. The size of the plant determines the price, but at Woodies Garden Goods, you can get a four- or six-inch plant for under $20.

6. Aloe Vera plants from Amazon, $14.99


Aloe Vera plants aren’t just pretty — they’re also functional. Next time you get a burn, you just have to snap off a branch and boom: instant gooey relief. Might not be a bad idea to get one for your kitchen to keep near the stove, right? And best of all, they’re inexpensive to buy. Amazon sells aloe vera plants for $14.99.

7. Chamomile from White Flower Farm, $12.99


If you’re looking for another pretty-but-functional plant, look no further. Not only are these flowers super cute, but you can also collect them, dry them, and use them for tea. Pretty cool to drink something that came from your own garden, right? You can buy one from White Flower Farm for just $12.99.

Now you’re all set to have your own beautiful garden — indoors or out. Happy planting!