Chase’s reaction to getting dumped on “The Bachelorette” was so real and totally relatable

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette saw JoJo in Thailand with the final three — Robbie, Jordan and Chase. This week, Robbie and Jordan enjoyed their time with JoJo in the fantasy suite, and JoJo was torn about her feelings for both of them. But when JoJo and Chase got to the fantasy suite, things took a turn for the terrible. Rather than spending the night, JoJo dumped Chase right after he said “I love you,” and his reaction was exactly how we’ve felt during any breakup. He got mad, he swore and he hurled a few sassy comments, and we loved him for it all the more.


Chase is the 27-year-old sales rep from Colorado. Last week, JoJo met his family, and in a dramatic rose ceremony at the beginning of this week, Chase was given the final rose, sending Luke home. He thought he was in a great place.

When they first started their date, everything seemed great. Chase and JoJo were snuggling.

Chase pretended to eat a whole fish.

Then Chase dropped the L-bomb.


He finally told JoJo he loved her, and OMG it went downhill fast. He insists that it’s “the scariest phrase in any relationship.” He also told JoJo that he’s never told anybody that before. And what does JoJo say? “Thank you.”

Just look at this face she made.

So, of course, JoJo had to step away, leaving Chase alone.

When she came back, JoJo tells Chase that when he said he loved her, “I don’t think I felt what I thought I was gonna feel.” And to add insult to injury, “I don’t know if spending this night together would change that feeling.” And Chase reacted the way we all have to getting suddenly dumped.

First, he got sassy.


When JoJo tried to explain herself, he cut her off, “Ha, I get the point.” Yeah, we’ve totally gotten snarky right after being told it’s over.

Next, he made the dumper feel guilty.


“You 100% made me regret saying that.” Oh yeah, he totally went there. But we’ve all been there. When someone makes us feel bad, we always try to make them feel terrible in return.

Third, drinks. Lots of drinks.


Maybe alcohol will make the bad feelings go away.

Fourth, he got a little spicy.


“So now love equals get the f*** out?!” Apparently, to JoJo, it did. “That was so f***ing terrifying for me to say.” JoJo didn’t really know how to respond. She tries to explain herself and get a little closure, “Do you think I would ever give you the fantasy suite card to break your heart?” Chase responds, “Ha, you did.” He’s clearly not ready to make her feel better yet. And we’re not sure we blame him. JoJo was pretty cold-blooded.

Finally, he walks away.


He gets in the car, and he’s still pretty grumpy as he talks about his feelings on what just happened. “That’s like, pull your pants down and kick me in the nuts.” Yikes, that is graphic.

But don’t worry, Chase didn’t leave it at that. During the rose ceremony, he manned up and apologized for his reaction, so he and JoJo parted on good terms. “I’m impressed by you. I think you’re amazing.”


That’s so sweet! Do we see the next Bachelor on the horizon?

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