12 truly iconic “Charmed” style moments

Charmed was one of the first (and best) girl-power shows. I proudly own the entire series on DVD box sets (in the pre-Netflix days, that’s how deep my dedication went) and have re-watched it more times than I can count. I’ll watch the hell out of any and all reboots that come my way.

The WB series about a trio (later a duo, and then a trio again) of all-powerful sister witches aired for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006, and there’s been a pretty serious lack of sister-witches in our TV watching lives ever since it aired its season finale — especially since Witches of East End, the most similar show in years, went off the air.

Of course, on a late ’90s/early ’00s show about gorgeous, confident women living, loving, and vanquishing demons in San Francisco, there were many “Oh my god, I love that” style moments. Paige (played by Rose McGowan) and Phoebe (played by Alyssa Milano) in particular had so many outrageous/amazing/show-stopping outfits and hairstyles.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of this delightful, underrated series, we’re taking a look back at a few of the most memorable style moments. Itty bitty halter tops and leather pants galore!

Prue poses as the bounty hunter “Ms. Hellfire” (Season 2, Episode 9)


On Friday the 13th, a bounty hunter goes after the Charmed ones and Prue goes undercover as the bounty hunter herself to figure out who hired her. Very tiny tops and leather everything were two huge themes in early-Charmed fashion, and both of them make an appearance here. Top it all off with a really big, fur-lined, Macklemore-esque coat and a choker and you’ve got the most early ’00s outfit ever. That Shannen Doherty kills it in this look is a testament to how effortlessly fierce she is.

The Halliwell sisters revisit their 1920s past lives (Season 2, Episode 14)


One of the most fun things about this show is how it could play around with time periods thanks to the Charmed ones’ magic. In one early episode, Phoebe travels back to inhabit the body of her past (evil) self, P. Russell, to figure out why her sisters’ past lives (P. Bowen and P. Baxter) cursed her. Things get messy (as usual) but the sisters look fierce in their flapper finest.

Piper is possessed and dances on her bar (Season 3, Episode 9)


Piper is the most mellow Halliwell sister and with that in mind, she dresses down more often than not. Because of that, Piper’s iconic style moments are fewer and farther between. But when Piper is possessed by an evil spirit named Terra (who is apparently a big fan of Coyote Ugly) on the eve of her high school reunion, she acts out by dancing on her own bar wearing leather pants and a red shredded halter top. Oh, and the possession is all thanks to Dwight from The Office

Paige as her Evil Enchantress past self (Season 4, Episode 6)


Paige, like Phoebe, had an evil past life as the Enchantress, a wicked witch who kidnapped and tried to seduce a prince back in ye olden times. She may have been very, very bad, but the green velvet and satin gown and jeweled headdress is a stunning look for Rose McGowan. Especially in contrast with modern Paige’s outfit in this same episode.


Ruffled pink long-sleeved shirt and a plaid skirt? Hard pass.

Paige’s Victorian throwback outfit (Season 4, Episode 22)


There’s no special occasion, going undercover, or possession for this one. It’s just super cute and so very Season 4 Paige.

Phoebe’s super short fringe (second half of Season 4)


Not all of us would have the guts to go for the wispy mini-bangs look (even back in 2002), but Phoebe Halliwell absolutely did. And she does. For like half the season.

Phoebe as a mermaid (Season 5, Episode 1 & 2)


Charmed‘s version of the mermaid tale (pun intended!) is basically scaley pasties and a scaley long pencil skirt, but I kind of love it anyway?

The sisters as goddesses (Season 5 Episode 22 & 23)


The end of this finale is totally heartbreaking, so let’s just focus on how awesome the Halliwells look as goddesses, wearing the prom dresses of every teen girl’s dreams.

Paige’s orangey-red hair (Seasons 5 and 6)


I can’t even begin to describe how much I adored Paige’s fiery orange-red hair. I so wanted to be able to pull it off, but not everyone is Rose McGowan. Paige and Phoebe each went through a few rather drastic hair changes, and this was Paige’s most extreme change — going from pitch black long hair to this adorable curly, shorter orange-red ‘do. Near the end of the redhead days, the color went a little more blonde-orange, which I was a little less crazy about.

The sisters as valkyries (Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2)


Return of the all-leather everything! Phoebe is 100% #fitnessgoals here. The badass warrior princess outfits that the sisters are disguised in when they travel to Valhalla to rescue Leo are amazing (except maybe for that thing on Piper’s right arm that looks like an arm brace). This is also the debut of the fierce pixie cut, another big moment in the evolution of Phoebe’s hair.

Evil Charmed Ones (Season 6, Episode 22)


When the Charmed Ones encounter their alternate universe selves in a parallel world where everyone good is bad, their bad selves’ get-ups are seriously on point. Paige’s red-tipped Goth princess hair, one sleeved shirt, and choker. Phoebe’s faux-hawk, see-through net shirt, and brass knuckles. Offscreen, Evil Piper is just wearing normal black maternity clothes because she was pregnant and the wardrobe folks expended all of their creative energy on these two.

Slay on, Charmed ones, slay on.

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