How this strange tattoo is taking over the internet

Just when we thought we were done with Pokémon (let’s be real friends, it’s not 1998 anymore) along comes this completely insane Charmander tattoo that takes over the internet and reminds us of the almighty power of those little pocket monsters.

As a refresher, this is what Charmander looked like in the cartoon:

And this is what Charmander looks like in the tattoo:

See the resemblance? We know, it’s hard.

Basically what happened, as Bustle reports, is this 27-year-old guy got drunk, gave himself a “Charmander” tatt, and his friend snapped a pic and posted it on Reddit.

But that’s only the beginning. For you see, as it is with many silly images on the interwebs, it was this tattoo’s destiny to become A MEME.

This is a teachable moment. Don’t give yourself a tattoo, and DEFINITELY don’t give yourself a tattoo in an inebriated state.

Under the gross-but-appropriate hashtag #shartmander, this little guy has taken on a life of his own. He’s now a very, um, creatively spelled motivational poster:

A Lego sculpture:

A candle:

A manicure

A video game


And, get ready to have your minds blown, ANOTHER TATTOO.

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