All the times Charlotte was actually the most aggressive character on “Sex and the City”


Of all our favorite Manolo Blahnik-clad ladies, Charlotte is generally regarded to be the “conservative one” on Sex and the City. But the truth is, she was probably the most aggressively frank member of this iconic crew…and here’s the proof.

Like when she voiced what all women have thought at least once (okay, several times).

When she had some ~choice~ words for Samantha after she slept with her brother (she apologized later, so it’s okay).

When she wouldn’t let ANYTHING distract her from working out relationship problems.

When she inadvertently came up with hilarious nicknames.

When she could make even the grimmest of situations about something else entirely.

When she knew EXACTLY who she was…

…and who what she wasn’t.

When she understood how REAL the struggle was!

When she got real about double standards.

When she knew the biggest distraction was food.

When she realized not all that glitters is gold.


When she called it exactly how she saw it.

When she knew the meaning of true love.

And finally, when she made THIS FACE and scared the bejesus out of all of us.

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