Charlotte Tilbury made a lipstick for The Queen and it’s the perfect shade of red

You know a lipstick is going to be good when it’s inspired by The Queen — the literal queen. Like, The Queen of England. That’s why we were so excited about the news that one of our favorite British beauty brands has developed a product especially for the monarch.

Charlotte Tilbury, the woman who brings the fanciest, most elegant makeup imaginable to the masses, is a natural fit for this role. The woman is a renowned celebrity makeup artist and her products are fabulous. Sure, they’re sort of spendy, but they’re exactly what you need to treat yourself to when you just want to feel like, well, royalty. The beauty maven’s eponymous line has just released a very special shade within its Matte Revolution line, and though the color was created especially for The Queen, it’ll be made available to the rest of us mere commoners.

The brand shared a sneak peek at the shade on its Instagram page and it is gorg. It’s definitely a nice classic red, but it’s probably unlike all the other red lipsticks in your collection (and yes, it’s totally OK if you own a full collection of red lippies. Lord knows I do). There’s a subtle pink tone to it, which makes it such a stunning, somewhat subtle choice.

Using famous influential ladies as inspiration for her products is nothing new for Charlotte Tilbury — the brand has a full “Hot Lips” range, and all the shades in it are inspired by famous women (like Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, and Kim Kardashian).

We’ve seen so many celebrity women act as muses for beauty brands, but this feels different: The Queen is, after all, not exactly someone we would expect to find associated with a piece of makeup – but we’re definitely not mad about it! After all, when you’re trying to (literally) look like a timeless royal icon, there’s really no better woman to emulate.

The shade retails for $32 and can be purchased here. Will you be buying it?

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