Charlotte (aka Kristin Davis) is frustrated that “Sex and the City 3” won’t be happening, and same

All good things must come to an end, which is why we totally understand that there won’t be any more Sex and the City movies. It doesn’t mean we have to like it, though, right? We’re not the only ones who are down in the dumps over this news. Kristin Davis, aka Charlotte, is just as frustrated that Sex and the City 3 isn’t happening.

It was in the works, though! The movie was being planned, but then it came to a stop, as Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed on Thursday while attending the opera in New York City. “It’s over. We’re not doing it,” she said, although she didn’t say why.

Parker added, “We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story. It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie.” Sigh.

In response to Parker’s comments, Davis took to Instagram to chime in with her thoughts on the matter.

She captioned her picture:

"It is true that we are not going to be able to make a 3rd film. I wish that we could have made the final chapter, on our own terms, to complete the stories of our characters. It is deeply frustrating not to able to share that chapter (beautifully written by [Michael Patrick King] with all of you."

Davis added, “So we will just have our memories.”

According to various reports, production halted because Samantha, er, Kim Cattrall, just didn’t have the heart for it. She tweeted this week, “Woke 2 a @MailOnline [poop emoji] storm! The only ‘DEMAND’ I ever made was that I didn’t want to do a 3rd film….& that was back in 2016.”

She did say back in June 2016 that doing a third installment would be “tough.” And for a really good reason, actually. Cattrall said at the time, “I think the climate changed. To have four women talking about shopping trips and spending $400 on shoes when people are having trouble putting food on the table? It doesn’t mean we don’t need that, but I think the pendulum swung in a different direction.”

Good point, right? Thank goodness for reruns.

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