Charlize Theron’s spills the details on the steamy romance at the heart of her summer spy movie, “Atomic Blonde”

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron has spilled some awesome news about her latest ’80s punk inspired thriller, Atomic Blonde. In addition to all the serious ass-kicking and amazing ’80s style featured in the trailer, there’s also romance. And bucking the classic hetero tradition of action movies, Atomic Blonde features an affair between British spy, Lorraine Broughton (Theron,) and French agent, Sandrine, played by Sofia Boutella.

We are so ready to watch this movie now.

The hyper-stylized film depicts a story centered around the fall of the wall in Berlin. Originally based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel, The Coldest City, the looks cinematically gorgeous.

But Theron and screenwriter Kurt Johnstad wanted to help differentiate the film from a regular old action thriller, and it turns out a little romantic diversity did the trick.

Theron said to Entertainment Weekly, "I remember sitting in a room one day thinking about how do you make this different from other spy movies. It’s really hard. Who is going to be the love interest?"

But director David Leitch wants to make sure viewers are aware that the sex scene isn’t just for shock value.  He goes on to explain that it’s about the sacrifices made by a spy in order to finish the mission and survive:

Those moments of real [connection] are so few and far between; she even questions whether or not they are real. You sort of find comfort where you get it.

Moreover, Theron doesn’t want viewers to look at the affair as something superficial. She also wants people to appreciate the fact that yes, women can have one-night stands. It isn’t limited to male spies — we get our kicks in too.

She goes on to explain that, "It's not something we see enough of in cinema, these kind of relationships or exploration. It's very real. And we're so scared of it. And it's beautiful in the film. It's very sexy. The two of us talked a lot about how it's about time that women can own their sexuality the same way males get to in movies."

The Oscar winner didn’t want to play a boring agent. She didn’t want to fit the mold of all of the other spy films. So she did what she does best: breaking the mold, and taking on a new rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Theron added, “Why is it that James Bond can sleep with every girl in every movie and nobody says, ‘Wow, he’s not in love with them?’ Am I the only person who — long, long ago before I had children — had a one-night stand with somebody from a club? Nobody else has done that before?

Darn right, Charlize. It’s time for film to fully embrace the full spectrum of adult sexual behavior out there, and not just as tokenism. Check out the amazing trailer for the movie here:

Atomic Blonde hits theaters July 28th.

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