Charlize Theron just destroyed the red carpet at Cannes in a friggin’ tuxedo

If you’re going to the Cannes Film Festival, what do you wear? A sexy red Alexandre Vauthie dress, perhaps a princess-inspired Vivienne Westwood ball gown (dreams, I know). Well, not if you’re Charlize Theron. Because, if you’re Charlize Theron you say, “Dresses be damned, I’m gonna wear a power suit and I am going to look like a boss-ass bitch!”

Behold the statuesque mega-star, Charlize at the premier of The Last Face.


When she arrived her co-stars probably thought, “Ugh, Charlize, we look like hell compared to you! Tell us your secrets!”


To which she then laughed, “Sorry, too busy being a tuxedo-clad goddess. Get back to ya later.”


Seriously though, Charlize looks so fierce she could be James Bond in this beautiful suit.


And, frankly, we would be so, so, so down to see that.


Did you hear that Hollywood? Charlize Theron. James Bond. Think about it, then give us a call. We’ll do lunch. ?


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