This is what it would look like if Charlize Theron played James Bond

As we mentioned earlier, Charlize Theron took to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet like ??? today in a slick-as-hell tuxedo.

Basically, she looked like James Bond.


Shaken and stirred.

This got us thinking, “How amazing would it be if Charlize were to actually play James Bond?” Look, we get it, she’s not technically British or, yeah, a dude, but who cares!?! We can still have dreams, y’all.

So, we decided to mock-up a few recent Bond posters just to see what superhuman Charlize would look like in the iconic role.

Here she is looking suave AF in Casino Royale.


And taking on the big guns (literally) in Quantum of Solace.


She smolders with a look that could kill in Skyfall.


And finally, she kills it in a classic dinner jacket for Spectre.


So, let’s make this come true, okay Hollywood? Or at least, consider it. ? 


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