Charlize Theron is a vision in gold in new Dior perfume ad

Is there really a time Charlize Theron doesn’t look like an absolute beauty? We think not!

The 41-year old actress has been the face of Dior perfume for quite some time now, and in her newest ad for the designer fragrance, Charlize is a ~vision in gold~ and we can’t take our eyes off of her!

The 45-second ad starts out with Charlize in the midst of a storm, and when the clouds break, we see her basically running on water like the goddess she is. Theron dons a one-shoulder golden dress that makes us want to ditch the fall weather and hightail it to a tropical island ASAP!

This isn’t the only strikingly sexy Dior commercial the stunning South African beauty has starred in — remember this 2014 Dior campaign that had everyone lusting after this golden gown?

Charlize landed the role of being the face of Dior about 10-years ago, right after she finished filming Monster: “When I got the call from Dior, I had just done Monster,” she said. “They were like, ‘We want that girl!”

The designer brand definitely picked the right lady for the role! Dare we say we absolutely…J’Adore it? Because we do!

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