Charlize Theron wants to play the female James Bond if this *one* request is met

A rumor has been swirling that Charlize Theron might be the next James Bond. Well, it’s not a rumor per se. What actually happened is that Chris Hemsworth went on the record and suggested that Theron would be awesome if she starred in the James Bond franchise.

Theron responded to his comments by saying she would do it IF she had a Bond girl by her side.

Obviously, we thank Hemsworth for this awesome and true suggestion, but we have no idea if it will ever manifest. Regardless, here’s what happened in the whole Charlize-Theron-as-James-Bond exchange.

Hemsworth told W Magazine that Theron “…embodies every sort of ounce of strength and nobility and dignity and integrity that that character [Bond] should have. She’s smart as hell. She’s physically able. I worked with her on Snow White and the Huntsman. Watching her in those fight scenes, doing it in high heels, by the way, and an eight-foot long gown was even more impressive.”

Theron jokingly told Entertainment Tonight that she paid Hemsworth to say that.

Then, on Friday, Theron went on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon that she was flattered by Hemsworth’s comments.

When Fallon asked if she would consider the role as the first female James Bond, she replied:

"I would need a Bond lady, a Bond girl."

Yes, Theron, we hear you loud and clear! We’re putting it out there that Theron will star as Bond and have a fabulous female love interest by her side. Start the fantasy casting for Theron’s Bond girl now!