Charlie Weber finally talks about what it’s like dating “How To Get Away With Murder” co-star Liza Weil

Usually, it’s not the greatest idea to date a co-worker, especially if the two of you star on a popular drama. But luckily, Charlie Weber’s relationship with Liza Weil is going strong. The two met on the set of the drama How To Get Away With Murder, which has been on air since 2014, and decided to take the risk and turn their friendship into something more.

Weber discussed the relationship on the podcast Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss. On each episode, the pair — a comedian and a filmmaker — talk about events that allegedly happened in Hollywood. Weber was the guest for Wednesday’s episode.

"We were great friends and we found ourselves in a position to be more than that," he said. "You spend a lot of time [together] and we, I very much enjoyed spending time away from work and so it all just kind of came together like that…I’m very happy."

While we know Weil best for her role as Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls and feel like maybe this is proof that she never worked things out with Doyle, we’re happy the two of them found love.

The two started dating in 2016, after each separating from prior partners. Early last year, Weil announced that she was divorcing husband Paul Adelstein after 10 years together. The couple share a daughter named Josephine. Weber also has a daughter, so it’s quite possible that the two bonded over their strikingly similar situations.

Weber and Weil have actually been pretty secretive about their relationship until now. And the secret to their success might be the fact that they’re both totally professional on set.

"We’re very like-minded when it comes to our approach to acting," Weber said. "We’re two actors who are very dedicated to what they do and have a very easy time separating who we are and who we are as characters."

We’re glad that these two have figured out the perfect balance. How To Get Away With Murder is expected to air its fourth season this fall.

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