Charlie Hunnam’s first acting role was so adorably awkward we can’t help but cringe

Known for his roles on Sons of Anarchy, Green Street Hooligans, and his upcoming film, King Arthur, Charlie Hunnam had embarrassing acting beginnings. He shared his first acting role on the Graham Norton Show last night. Norton begins the segment by detailing Hunnam’s role. He played a young model in the British teen TV series Byker Grove.

We are all well aware of Hunnam’s incredible looks, so the role as a model isn’t terribly surprising. However, the footage is so adorably awkward that we, along with the audience, have to cringe a little bit.

Hunnam is dressed in a god-awful green V-neck with a questionable black turtleneck underneath. The scene begins with him squinting his eyes and staring off into the distance. Hunnam takes another model under his wing in the small role. Additionally, Hunnam has his blond hair tied back into a ponytail. Too. Good.

The scene quickly shoots to his model friend pulling out a rather vile-looking sandwich that his girlfriend made for him. Hunnam tells him to leave the sandwich for the finger buffet upstairs, because all they have to do is “look good and cash the cheques.” At this point, Graham Norton’s audience is cracking up.

We’re all aware of Hunnam’s talents as an actor, but this bit is far from where he is currently in his career. Hilarious and cute, the actor has definitely grown from his early roles!

What does Hunnam think about the footage? He says, “You’ve gotta have confidence to rock a ponytail like that.”

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