Guys, Charlie Heaton (aka Jonathan in “Stranger Things”) is a dad

We’ve definitely heard stranger things, but apparently Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton has a kid?!

It might come as a surprise, but the actor behind Jonathan Byers — the older brother to the kid who can’t catch a break from the Upside Down, Will Byers, and one third of the love triangle with Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington — is, in fact, a papa.

He and his three-year-old son’s mother are no longer together, but we can’t believe we didn’t know about this. We totally respect their privacy, but we’re def freakin’ out a little!

We also didn’t realize that Charlie Heaton was in a band called Comanechi back in the day.

The important part about that (other than going to stream some songs right now out of sheer curiosity) is that the mother of his child, Akiko Matsuura, was the frontwoman for the band. So we’re def picturing some super adorbs on-the-road romance as the band toured, or something.

Charlie Heaton hasn’t been involved with the band since 2015, when he switched from music to acting. But Matsuura is still part of the music scene in the U.K., performing with a noise rock band called Pre.

Their son, Archie, was reportedly born in 2014, making him around three years old.

Although Heaton and Matsuura are no longer together, the pair apparently have an amicable relationship as co-parents to li’l Archie.

We really admire these two for keeping it together and raising their son despite what sounds like two extremely busy careers. And it sounds like Archie will never want for arts inspiration between his parents!