Charli XCX’s “Boys” music video is inspiring Twitter to create their own fan casts

If you have yet to see Charli XCX’s tour de force music video for “Boys,” WYD?? The bubble-gum-pink toned, arguably best music video of all time from Charli XCX’s new album is a female-gaze fiesta of hot dudes playing with puppies and brushing their teeth. There is nothing happening in this video that is not to like.

Basically, Charli XCX’s “Boys” is just soft boys doing soft things, and we are HERE for it.

Charli XCX and her team of mustachioed scientists (watch the video) set up Joe Jonas with a plate of pancakes. Yes, he is in a robe. Yes, there is syrup and a big glass of milk plus a milk-stache. They gave Charlie Puth a very sudsy car to wash. He is smiling at you sweetly with like, ALL of his top buttons unbuttoned. They even gifted an extremely precious Khalid with two puppies who are gently tickling his face with puppy kisses! Meanwhile, a shirtless Cameron Dallas wields a sparking chainsaw over his head while looking dejected. Is that even safe? Who cares! Look at his abs!

There are a ton of cameos from all of our fave dudes, from Diplo to Aminé.

But perhaps the most important part of the music video (and if you haven’t clicked over to see it yet WYD!!!!!), is Riz Ahmed sharing secrets with a teddy bear. WE REPEAT: RIZ AHMED. TEDDY BEAR. SECRETS. Yea, we WERE busy thinkin’ bout boys, but now we are only thinking about Riz. He and the teddy are both in pink and so so snuggly soft! Look at his facial hair!! His hands!! Actually just his everything!!

How do we give Charli XCX all our money? Or at least make her President of the world. Nothing but respect for MY president, TBH.

The music video isn’t even the best part. Twitter went NUTS over these pastel scenes of men doing gentle things and cast their OWN boys doing ~soft~ activities.

Here is the tweet that kicked it off.


And here are the amazing dreamcast responses. Some of which….we just need to see immediately? Like send help? Who is creating “Boys 2” ? Give us the production money and we are ON IT.

Absolutely yes, we need Ben Schwartz operating a pink bubble machine IMMEDIATELY.

TEDDY GEIGER! The ultimate 2000s soft boy! Where is he? Bring him a disorganized bookshelf ASAP.

Okay, this one touched us on a personal level. How could anyone ever come up with anything so pure.

Although we may not know 100% what a pavlova is….we want to see this. false

Wow….just wow. It’s incredible that the people of Twitter realized some of our deepest dreams. If we could add anything to the dreamcast list, it would be: Harry Styles shampooing his hair into a shampoo mohawk, Dev Patel frosting cupcakes and John Boyega making a friendship bracelet (for Oscar Isaac). You know. Sensual things.

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