Charli XCX is our Halloween inspo in ~this~ sexy devil costume

Even though Halloween is literally around the corner, some of us haven’t exactly planned out our costumes yet. And hey, that’s okay! A lot of people work best under pressure or when there’s a deadline, so we’re taking bits and pieces of celeb outfits and finding inspiration for costumes there!

However, it seems like we don’t have to look much further for some serious Halloween inspiration because musician Charli XCX just made our jaws drop in this Jessica Rabbit-esque devil costume and we need to recreate this look ASAP.

Yes, yes, we can see through her dress. But girlfriend is ROCKING the braless look! The high neckline and floor length of her gown balances out the sheerness of it and simply adding some dramatic makeup and devil ears makes this look sexy AF!

Seriously, how cool is her eye makeup? It's definitely a fun twist on what we usually see for a costume like this!

Ugh, is she not utter perfection here? Seriously, give us a makeup tutorial!


We love this look so much, we *might* just do something similar this weekend for the big holiday!