Charles Manson’s alleged will has surfaced, and he reportedly left everything to this one person

Charles Manson passed away this week and as most people assumed, he had a will and someone to leave his estate to. Specifically, TMZ has reported that Charles Manson left his entire estate to a pen pal. Apparently, what he left behind may actually be of some value.

In case you don’t know much about him, there are a few things to know about the infamous murders Manson spearheaded. Namely, he is most well-known for the tragic murder of Sharon Tate and the four friends who were with her at the time. Manson also created a cult, known as the “Manson Family.” Many of his followers were women, who killed for him. A few of the women in the “Manson Family” were sent to prison, and some remain there to this day.

Manson himself was sent to prison for the final time in 1971, for seven counts of first-degree murder and one count of conspiracy. Manson lived out the rest of his days in prison, giving the occasional interview. From time to time, we would hear news of Manson. He even got engaged in prison, though the two never wed.


Now, Manson’s estate will be left to a pen pal, who wishes to remain unnamed. Manson and his pen pal began writing to one another in the 1990s. and continually exchanged phone calls and letters throughout the rest of his life.

Manson’s will was reportedly last updated in 2002.

In it, Manson notates that all of his cash, clothing, and rights to his name are to be left with this pen pal. Manson even left his music catalog to this person. This is of note because some knew Manson as a songwriter and collector. He even wrote a song for the Beach Boys — before he was committed for murder.

Manson does have living children, former wives, and some who consider him a friend. However, none of these people were included in the will.


The pen pal told TMZ that he began to write to Manson out of curiosity, and that he two met in person for the first time in the early 2000s.

This will likely not be the last piece of Manson news that comes out — especially since no one knows what will happen to his body, or how his monstrous legacy will continue.

Manson caused unspeakable tragedy, insult, and offense to many throughout his life. Now that he is gone, we hope there is some closure. May his victims — including their families — finally get to rest in peace.

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