Is this character the “snake” mentioned in “Westworld’s” maze riddle?

We’re only two episodes deep into the mind-fucking ~maze~ that is Westworld and there is so much going on that we want ANSWERS to. In fact, there hasn’t been a show that raised this many questions from the get-go since LOST, tbh – and frankly, we’re A-OKAY with that.


**And, fair warning, spoilers lie ahead.**

While a couple questions from the premiere episode, “The Original,” were answered in this week’s second episode “Chestnut” – like HOW do you even enter the park (answer: via a borderline magical train, OF COURSE!), there were many new questions that sprouted up, too.


And perhaps one of the most mysterious things from Episode 2 was when Lawrence’s (Clifton Colin’s Jr.) daughter gave directions to the Man in Black (Ed Harris) to find “the maze” he keeps harping on about.

He’s all about getting to that “deeper level” of the theme park.

And here’s what Lawrence’s daughter said.

"Follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs."

Our immediate thought was “what is the blood arroyo (arroyo meaning a “steep-sided gully” or ravine)?” and what or WHO is “the snake?” However, as clever Redditor FISSION_MA1LED first pointed out, the answer may be someone we’ve already met. Hector Escaton’s lady gunslinger (played by fabulous Norwegian actor Ingrid Bolsø Berdal).


You may have wondered from the early promo images for Westworld what the deal was with her face tattoo…

…and now we’re fairly certain it’s a SNAKE (and a red or “blood” colored one at that)!


As you can see in the promo for Episode 3, that tattoo RUNS DOWN THE LENGTH OF HER ENTIRE BODY! We already knew Armistice was a total badass gunslinger, but could she be the “key” to Ed Harris’ endgame, too?

Only time will tell… ‘Til then, a deep and very dream-filled slumber for us.

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