Chapstick’s new summer collection will make you want to drink lemonade by the pool

Summer is coming soon, and ChapStick’s new collection will keep your lips fruity-licious as you chill by the pool.

The I Love Summer collection from the iconic lip balm brand is giving us serious summer feels, even though the season is technically a couple of months away. The new, limited-edition line features three mouthwatering fruity flavors. Whether you’re sitting on the porch, lounging by the pool, or frolicking on the beach, you’ll find a ‘stick to suit the occasion.

The three flavors are Peaches & Cream, Pink Lemonade, and Sweet Watermelon. Just what you need to keep your lips smooth, juicy, and moisturized all summer long.

Cherry ChapStick is a classic, but it’s good to mix it up once in awhile. Been drinking…watermelon? Maybe lemonade? Does he like to call you peaches when you get this nasty? Did Beyoncé secretly have a hand in this collection? These are important questions, people.

From the beach to pool to front porch…ChapStick has you covered.

I Love Summer Collection 3 Pack, $2.99


Even if you’re more of an autumn or winter person, these are yummy.

Pink Lemonade, $1


Not mad about life giving us these lemons.

Peaches & Cream, $1


You don’t have to be a Georgia peach to appreciate this concoction.

Sweet Watermelon, $1


So refreshing…and seedless!

The ChapStick I Love Summer collection is now available at Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart for $1 each or $2.99 for all three!

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