You can basically become a lip balm mixologist with this new product from Chapstick

Most of us have filled our winter coats with lip balm in order to prevent the tyranny of dry cracked lips. But what if we could mix and match our balm flavor options, while still carrying one stick at a time? Well now, with Chapstick’s newest lip balm product you can mix and match flavors and become your own lip balm mixologist.

The Chapstick Duo lip balm is created so that users can detach a double-sided lip balm and re-attach different flavors according to mood. So, the more variations of the Chapstick Duo you collect, the more mixing and matching you can do.

With the existing flavors, you can create up to 28 different combinations!

This is what one side, or a “half-stick” of Vanilla looks like.


What flavor would you want to mix it with?!

This delicious combo is Watermelon and Strawberry-Kiwi.


Here’s a mouth-watering marriage of Peach and Vanilla.


When Pineapple and Coconut form a lush alliance.


It only costs $5 for a pair on the Chapstick website, so if you’re feeling creative give it a go.

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