Let these bioluminescent sea organisms soothe you into the weekend

As the workweek winds down to a close, we’re all shouting “TGIF” at the top of our lungs. Usually at the end of a busy week, our brains feel like they’ve been steamrolled by everything and anything, and we 100% need a little TLC before we embark on our crazy weekend adventures. So if you need to decompress from the chaos, this video of bioluminescent organisms is going to do you wonders.

Accompanied by a soundtrack of ethereal music, watch as these sea microorganisms sparkle and glow upon the slightest impact. It’s almost like looking into the multicolored tangle of a galaxy.

The video is barely a minute long, but after those 59 seconds, we’re feeling much more relaxed.

Did anyone else gasp at this part? It’s like the person is walking on space!

This phenomenon is colloquially called “sea sparkle,” according to Mashable, and this sea sparkle event was captured off the coast of George Town, Tasmania. As for the microorganisms, they are actually algae called dinoflagellates, and these little guys turn on the lights when they feel threatened.

It’s actually a super cool (and extremely beautiful) defense mechanism.

Even the gentlest of waves can light up the sea sparkle.

There is a very accurate and very real explanation behind the glowing blue waves, but we’re still not convinced that mermaids or sea sprites don’t have anything to do with it!

If you’re looking for us during the rest of this work day, we’ll be in the break room with this video on loop. Thank god it’s Friday, and thank god it’s sea sparkle!

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