Channing Tatum’s touching tribute to his late pet goat will hurt your heart

The loss of any pet is hard, especially when you’re as much of an animal lover as Channing Tatum. The Hateful Eight star frequently Instagrams pictures of his furry pals, like dogs and horses, to celebrate his love, but his most recent animal Instagram was for a super sad reason.

Their family goat, Heather, passed away recently, so the actor decided to commemorate her death by posting a photo of Heather with his daughter, Everly.

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of a pet’s passing, but we can take some comfort in the fact that it looks like the family had an awesome relationship. With Channing Tatum as your owner, it would be pretty difficult not to have a perfect life. Even though Heather is gone, she leaves behind some pretty amazing memories, and we know the family will fondly think back on those times for years to come.

(Image via Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

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