Channing Tatum’s epic dance number on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is why we can’t quit him

Here’s the thing about Channing Tatum. He’s good at dancing, so like, we’re just in. Tatum can show up to any awards show with that Fred Astaire vibe and we’re like, “hand him all the awards!” This week, host Jimmy Kimmel is away from his show while his son undergoes heart surgery, and Kimmel’s famous friends have stepped in to help him out by guest-hosting the show. Last night, Tatum tried his hand at hosting and based on the opening dance number alone, he slayed.

In the four-minute sketch, Tatum opens by practicing how to pronounce his own name. “Hello, I’m your host Channing Tat-tem, tant-tim?” Then, legendary TV host (and damn good dancer) Ellen DeGeneres shows up and tells him, “you gotta dance.” Tatum protests and says, “but that’s your thing” to which DeGeneres quips, “Yes, I did invent dancing.”

Then, thanks to a comically oversized boom box, Tatum finally shares his God-given talents and busts a move.

There is break dancing, there is a weirdly sexy dance routine in the urinals (just watch), and there are some very Magic Mike-inspired moments.

Listen, Jimmy Kimmel is a gem and we adore his hilarious (and oftentimes poignant) monologues, but every once in a while we wouldn’t mind a full blown dance routine at the top of the show.

This is a gift to our eyes.

Tonight Jennifer Lawrence is guest-hosting the show (yae!), and she’s set to interview Kim Kardashian which should be interesting since Lawrence is so obsessed with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Stay tuned!