Channing Tatum just got the sweetest Instagram gift from his wife

Channing Tatum has proved he can do absolutely anything. Make us laugh, make us cry, be an action star, be a dancer, be a action star/dancer at the same time (in Magic Mike, of course, because those moves aren’t easy to pull off). When not doing any of those things, he’s a proud dad and loving husband to his little daughter, Everly, and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Now, thanks to Dewan-Tatum, we know that “Chan” is a pretty impressive photographer, too.

Also, his latest pictures make us want to hug him lots. Even more than we already want to hug him on regular days.

The whole Tatum family was on vacation not long ago, when they decided to stage a quick photo shoot. This is something Dewan-Tatum is used to, since she’s in the spotlight just as much as her husband (like, being an amazing dancer and also starring in the second season of American Horror Story and the upcoming Supergirl). But as Dewan-Tatum writes on her Instagram page, her husband had one very special request for her latest shoot: no makeup.

Without or without makeup, Dewan-Tatum looks stunning. But it’s the fact that Tatum requested everything au natural that is making our hearts melt. During a time where there is so much talk and criticism of whether to layer on foundation and eyeliner or go with nothing — and either way, it’s completely your choice! — we love hearing that Tatum insisted on her being completely make-up free.

The end result is amazing, and if being a comedy/action/dance star doesn’t work out, Tatum could have a careeer in photography ahead of him. We also didn’t think it was possible to love Tatum any more than we already do. WE WERE WRONG.

Also, how cute are these two? Let’s just stare at these perfect humans.

Images via Instagram

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