Channing Tatum posted the most adorable picture of his wife and daughter playing dress up

In what we’re hoping is a totally normal afternoon in his household, Channing Tatum has posted a darling snap of his daughter and wife all dressed up in matching outfits. Well, not outfits exactly- but they’d definitely qualify for a fancy party under the sea, because both are sporting mermaid tails!

With the simple tag “happening,” Tatum posted the image of wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and 2-year old Everly on Saturday to the delight of fans: the photo racked up more than 237k likes on Instagram in less than a day. Dress-up is nothing new at the Tatum household, The Hateful Eight star also added several pictures of family costumes back around Halloween.

But the mermaid look is particularly adorable. It’s easy to think Channing wandered inside to find these lovely sea creatures just lounging on the floor- good choice, those tails look hard to move in- and, like a sailor of old, couldn’t help but be irresistibly charmed (this translates as Instagramming the moment in the modern era.) But wait! Is it possible this mermaid dress-up day is less Everly’s idea, and more Mom’s? Keen eyes at Entertainment Tonight spotted this earlier photo Jenna posted back in September:

If reading backwards is not your thing, her shirt reads “Let’s Be Mermaids!” Maybe this is an educational exercise for little Everly, with mom introducing her to her favorite fantasy creatures through interactive activities. We’re really hoping unicorns are next.

(Images via Instagram and Shutterstock)