Channing Tatum sent a vid just to say hi, because that’s what dream boyfriends do

We love Channing Tatum. How couldn’t you? He’s gorgeous, talented, and speaks out about being a feminist. And now he’s gone and made a video for us. Just to say hi. Because he’s adorable and that’s what dream boyfriends do. He even featured his adorable puppy in the 40-second clip. It was nice of him to take time out of his vacation to show us the view and to send us some love.

"There's nothing like buggin out just me and the pup. Sending love to all."

Channing looks totally relaxed, and we’re jealous

Is there a way to get magically transported there? With a hammock in the background, it looks like a beautifully serene place to hang out. And the view looks absolutely amazing also. The video already has over 2 million views, so we’re guessing we aren’t the only ones who want to go relax in that hammock and enjoy nature with our dream boyfriend. Watching the breeze pass through the grass on the mountain side as time ticks by.

Who else is ready to get their camp on and go buy a tent and some camping gear? Maybe some hiking boots and a hammock? We’re ready to get our hike on and be one with nature.

We might need to go fan ourselves now, but we’re glad that Channing is taking some time to chill out and relax. Even if we can’t go with him, it makes us want to plan our summer vacation.

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