Guys. Channing Tatum is a time-traveling WWI soldier, and here’s proof

Are you curious about Channing Tatum’s life before he became a movie star? Or what would he look like in uniform? Well, one intrepid Reddit user might have answered all of these questions with a very intriguing theory: Tatum is a time traveler. Okay, hear us out.

The user, known as ihaveN0, posts that she found a photo of a generations-removed relative who looks exactly like Tatum. No really, the similarity is eerie. ihaveNo says the photo is unlabeled and possibly a soldier in the Army in World War I. That’s about all that is known about the gentleman in the photo.

Interesting that the mind goes straight to time traveler, though, isn’t it? Obviously it’s infinitely more likely that Channing Tatum is a vampire who never ages, amiright? We’ll know which theory is true if he disappears from public life randomly in his mid-40s. Hopefully there will be at least a few more Magic Mikes before that happens.

But, if this time traveling theory is right, it explains where Tatum comes from (probably many different eras, so far we know he’s spent some time in the 1900s), and what he looks like in a uniform (fiiiiiiine).

Reddit users kindly supplied a plethora of possible movie titles and themes to match the solider photo. Our suggestion? Step Up 0.5: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (From Company C).

(Images via Sony Pictures, Imgur)