Channing Tatum is teaching himself to play piano, and yes, we’re swooning

Well, here’s something that will give you sweaty palms and a racing heart (and we’re not talking about cardio): Channing Tatum is teaching himself to play piano, so cue the collective sighs and swoons.

Yes, this confirms what everyone already knows: Tatum is literally a god among mortals. Seriously, what can’t this guy do to win us over?

Let’s see…he can impersonate Beyoncé like a pro, he is absolutely and openly smitten with his equally swoon-worthy wife Jenna Dewan, then there’s the seductive dancing (heyyy, Magic Mike), the acting, and doting on his daughter Everly. Ugh, we’re about to cave under the weight of this massive schoolgirl crush.

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Whew, so we’re going to pull it together just long enough to show you what Tatum looks like trying to tickle the ivories. So, like everyone else, he’s on his resolutions game pretty heavy because for him, 2017 is all about “learning new things,” like how to master Beethoven’s “Für Elise.”

We’re totally diggin’ his ambition, but how are things coming along? Considering the fact that he had to shame himself into getting better by sharing his progress with the world, we’d say he’s pretty committed.

"Well, keeping my New Year's resolution to "learn new things," Tatum wrote on Instagram. "But teaching myself piano is brutal. Got to get some legit lessons soon. Song is way too hard."

We’ll happily grant that performance an unequivocal E for Effort. Honestly, it was pretty decent for a self-taught individual who’s only been at it for two and a half weeks.

We’re rooting for you, Channing! With a little more practice, your piano playing will be smoother than your dance moves.