Channing Tatum says his daughter is his “harshest critic,” and LOL

It’s easy to assume that celebrity parents have it easy. But Channing Tatum’s relationship with his daughter is an adorable work in progress. For one, 4-year-old Everly just doesn’t seem very impressed with her dad’s line of work. (We’re sure that the second she’s old enough to see 21 Jump Street, she may change her mind.)

Tatum opened up about his daughter, who was born in 2013, to Entertainment Tonight. When asked how she was doing, he laughed and said something that surely many dads can relate to.

"I've never worked so hard to like, make a girl like me and fail," Tatum said. "I was like, 'Please, please, just please love me, please just love me!'"

So, it sounds like being a dad is one of his most challenging (yet rewarding) roles yet.

 He did mention something that always brings his daughter a laugh, but unfortunately, it’s something pretty unpleasant.

"She likes it when I fall down and hurt myself! She's like, 'Haha, do it again!'" Tatum shared. "She's my harshest critic, man, but it's the best. It's a really good humbling experience, I can promise you."

Earlier this month, Tatum opened up about his daughter’s thoughts on his movie Step Up. Tatum appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that, after viewing, she asked to see “a real movie.”

We think it’s pretty hilarious — especially since that’s the movie where her parents met. He also noted that he was planning on tricking her in the future, by starring in an animated film and not telling her about his involvement until hearing her praise.

It sounds like no matter what, these two have a pretty fun relationship.

Aside from fatherhood, Tatum has been busy promoting his new movie, Logan Lucky, which is set to hit theaters on August 18th.

The new film is about two brothers who try to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race, which is truly an interesting premise. Tatum stars alongside Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, and Hilary Swank.

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