Channing Tatum posted a nude pic of his wife Jenna, and we continue to adore their sex-positive relationship

Listen up, significant others: When expressing your attraction for your partner, it might be time to step up your game. Start by taking notes from Channing Tatum, who posted a nude pic of wife Jenna Dewan on Instagram. Aside from Dewan’s obvious crushworthiness, we can’t stop fawning over this photo because it’s another example of how sex-positive their relationship is.

Just recently, Dewan discussed her sex life with Tatum in the January issue of Cosmopolitan, describing it as “very happy and healthy,” which shocked absolutely no one. Do y’all remember Tatum’s face during Dewan’s sexy Lip Sync Battle routine?

Of course you do, but here’s a GIF because we love you.

And now that we’ve sufficiently teased you, here’s the pic Tatum shared of his lovely wife. The caption reads,

"Nap time = The Best Time 😇🙌🙌."

We absolutely love how they don’t hold back when it comes to discussing their physical attraction for one another. Sure, looks aren’t everything, but sexual compatibility plays a huge role in relationships.

Tatum and Dewan have no qualms letting everyone know that they’re really into each other sexually, and given all the horror stories about how couples stop having sex once they’re married or in a long-term relationship, it’s refreshing to see them defy those stereotypes and show that couples (particularly those with children) can still have healthy sex lives.

Also, just because you’re married with a kid doesn’t mean your SO will stop appreciating and admiring your looks.

Sheesh, guys. The heat rising between Dewan and Tatum has us feverishly fanning ourselves. BRB, we need a minute to cool down.