Here’s Channing Tatum lip syncing “Let it Go,” because life is amazing

Listen, everyone and my mom (especially my mom) loves Channing Tatum. And despite how many times your niece made you listen to “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” in the car, Frozen is still a perfect movie. So we start the new year off with a dream combination that you never knew you needed until this moment: Channing Tatum wearing an Elsa costume.

Yeah, get pumped: on this week’s season premiere of Lip Sync Battle it’s Tatum versus Tatum (that is, Channing versus wife Jenna Dewan) and our boy is pulling out the big guns. I repeat, this routine includes Hollywood’s favorite beefcake in full Elsa garb, spinning around, caked in fake snow as he belts out “Let It Go.” It’s no Magic Mike routine (those conjure up . . . different feels) but it definitely is the best thing to happen in 2016, so far.

What really warms my heart, though? Channing and Jenna have a 2-year-old daughter named Everly who, like most 2-year-olds, harbors an affection for Frozen. In fact, this isn’t his first rodeo: in the past he’s admitted to channeling the ice queen during playtime. “I’m generally Elsa, because she likes to be Anna,” he said during a recent appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael, “I’m more of an Elsa girl.” God, even in a sparkly dress Channing Tatum explodes ovaries like no other. No doubt this performance wins him the Dad of the Year trophy.

Lip Sync Battle returns to Spike on Thursday, January 7, but in case you can’t hold out until then, watch this teaser below and let the storm rage on.

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