Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon perform ‘Magic Mike,’ as written by kids

Let’s just take a moment and admit to one another that we’re going to see Magic Mike XXL the day it opens. Let’s just throw that out into the open, so we can continue forward, and actually discuss Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to Channing Tatum’s glorious Magic Mike. Sure it might not be the most family-friendly movie around (especially when compared to a summer flick like, Inside Out), but Tatum and his pal Jimmy Fallon decided to try to make it a little bit more suitable for all audiences, and gave it the “Kid Theater” treatment.

For his latest stop at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Tatum and Fallon performed select scenes from Magic Mike, as written by children. Personally, I love things from kids points of view, because I’m convinced that kids are way smarter, and often times way funnier, than grown ups and they definitely did not prove me wrong here. So what do our budding young screenwriters (all under 9 years old) do with Magic Mike? Genius things.

All the kids were given for their creative writing prompt was that their scene should be about a guy named, “Magic Mike.” There’s no mention of Tatum, or Florida, or a stripper convention (thankfully). Their assignment is just to write a scene about a dude named “Magic Mike.”

We will not give away the brilliance of these scenes, but they are SO worth checking out. They’re hilarious and actually pretty smart and Tatum and Fallon singing the new Magic Mike theme song, “Fly With Me” is a memory worth holding onto.

Image via YouTube.