Channing Tatum played the meanest trick on his daughter after Halloween

As is the yearly tradition, Jimmy Kimmel tricked kids into thinking parents ate their Halloween candy. This time, though, instead of asking parents to send in videos of them tricking their children, Kimmel took the prank home and tricked his own daughter, Jane. But since Channing Tatum was guest hosting, he also pranked his daughter. He told her that he just got so hungry, he ate all of her Halloween candy.

And her reaction is so heartbreaking.

Instead of pitching a fit (like we would, let’s be real), she just starts to walk away from him and cry quietly, mourning her lost Halloween candy. Channing Tatum can only stand to upset her for so long, however, and quickly relents.

He brings the real bag of candy back over to her, and she tells him that his joke wasn’t very nice! OMG, OUR HEARTS. We love Channing Tatum, but at this moment, we sort of feel like he should be arrested? Like, his daughter is real cute, and real sad, and none of that is okay.

Check out the full video below — cute kid, good prank, Channing Tatum? It’s a serious triple threat.

We hope that little Everly recovers from this terrible shock and eats all of the candy her heart desires… Because frankly, we can’t STAND to ever even think of her crying again. It’s just too darn sad! Godspeed to her parents as she learns to use her cute factor to her advantage. That is, if she hasn’t already…

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