People had a LOT of feelings about Channing Tatum’s hair at the Golden Globes

In case you somehow missed it, last night was the Golden Globes. And there’s something we seriously need to talk about. Something that could change the face of our world as we know it. And something that has *certainly* changed the face of social media, because people cannot stop talking about it.

So what is that “it”? Channing Tatum’s hair, that’s what.


Channing walked down the red carpet sporting a new look that inspired some serious ’00s nostalgia. Like, seriously, does this not remind you of the Pete Wentz from our teen years?

Like, we *just* saw him on Lip-Sync Battle last week. But then again, he was wearing a Beyonce wig, so who knows what was underneath there?

Obviously, people had a lot of feelings about this new Gambit-esque look:

Most people were not exactly fans of the new ‘do.

But there were a few people on Team ’00s Channing:

One question remains: Is it for a movie? Or is it his new style? Why is this happening? OK, a LOT of questions remain.

Either way, you do you, Channing. You do you.

(Image via Jason Merrit / Getty Images ; George Pimentel / Getty Images)

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