Channing Tatum wore an Elvis disguise in an elevator for the *best* reason

Riding the elevator with a stranger can get extremely awkward, but in the case of this unsuspecting group of office employees who rode the elevator with Channing Tatum disguised as Elvis Presley, things were downright weird.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor’s seemingly impromptu impersonation of the King of Rock and Roll was actually a result of Tatum’s partnership with Omaze and (RED) to raise money for HIV/AIDS prevention. As a part of the charity initiative, fans who donate money towards the cause can enter a contest to win an opportunity to watch the Magic Mike Live Vegas show with Tatum.

His crazy elevator getup and choreography was his way of not-so-subtly promoting the show. Mostly, Tatum’s Elvis-inspired singing, hip switches and high kicks confused his elevator companions and even scared off this poor lady:

But those who were brave enough to board the elevator with Tatum got a major treat once they reached the 17th floor, which was transformed into a huge casino party, complete with gambling tables and exotic dancers. After freaking out way too many people in one day, Tatum finally removed his wig, causing one fangirl freakout after another.

So, if taking shots and getting a lap dance with Tatum in Vegas sounds like your idea of fun, we suggest you click the hell out of the link in the video to donate.