Well, this is cool: Channing Tatum is directing one of our YA faves

We can agree that there are a LOT of reasons to love Channing Tatum. He’s dashing, quite the versatile actor — no lie, there is Channing Tatum Oscar buzz this year — and on top of that, he’s a writer and a producer. Now, he’ll be able to add another job to his business cards: director. Tatum is set to direct the adaption of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, a 2013 YA novel by Matthew Quick.

If you’re unfamiliar with the book, it tells the (pretty dark) story of a boy, Leonard, who decides to kill his ex-best friend and then himself on his 18th birthday. But, thanks to the kindness of his high school teacher, Leonard’s course of action changes — but I won’t spoil anything else for you. The book takes on some really heavy but completely important topics: depression, suicide, growing up. We’re ready for the movie to tackle those topics just as gracefully.

YA adaptations are all the rage — think: TFIOS, and all those MANY dystopian flicks — and this one looks ready to join the ranks. Its author is also no stranger to the big screen: Quick also wrote the novel Silver Linings Playbook, which of course starred our gal Jennifer Lawrence.

Casting hasn’t been announced yet, but Tatum might possibly (fingers crossed) play Leonard’s teacher on top of his directorial duties. This, of course, is already in addition to his full schedule of starring in, producing, and writing Magic Mike XXL and having a role in both the new X-Men and Quentin Tarantino movies. It sounds like a lot but we’re so, so ready. I don’t think any of us could ever complain about the increasing presence of Tatum.

Get reading now so you can finish the book with plenty of time before the movie.

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