Channing Tatum has the cutest Christmas plans with his daughter

Today, I learned that Channing Tatum and I both have a little something in common. We both have toddlers who we’re psyched to be celebrating Christmas with this year. But while I’ll be wrapping up a play kitchen and a number of car and train-related goodies for my kiddo, Mr. Tatum’s got different plans for his daughter. The Magic Mike superstar was recently a guest on Live! With Kelly and Michael, and like any proud parent, wound up discussing his holiday plans with his two-year-old girl.

First off, he’ll probably be getting his little one some Frozen stuff, because what rugrat isn’t still obsessing over Elsa, Olaf, and the gang? In fact, Tatum even spilled that he occasionally dresses up like the golden-haired heroine of the film just to make his daughter happy.

“I’m generally Elsa, because she likes to be Anna,” he admit, adding, “I’m more of an Elsa girl.”

Major dad points, Channing!

Then again, this isn’t too surprising from the guy who says he’s “pro-feminist” and has also been known to dress up in other costumes. I mean, hello, Sailor!

Aside from the Frozen stuff, Channing might also wrap up a purple turtle or two under the tree for his kid. Wait, a what? Yeah, Tatum told Kelly and Michael that his daughter’s currently obsessed with them.

“She loves turtles. Purple turtles! I don’t know why!”

And finally, he’ll probably also be reading his copy of A Cajun Night Before Christmas to his daughter just as it was read to him throughout his own life. Passing down traditions is what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Check out this clip of him reading it to Michael and Kelly on the show:

PS. If you’re still trying to picture Channing Tatum dressed like Elsa, here’s a video clip from Tatum’s appearance on Lip Sync Battle in full costume and it’s pretty amazing:

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