Channel your inner Ariel with this under-the-sea-inspired couture

Fall 2016 Haute Couture Fashion Week is going on in Paris right now, and tragically, we’re not there. (Sob!) But thanks to the internet gods, we can totally pretend we’re sitting front row center alongside David Beckham and Jennifer Garner. We’re especially fascinated with Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen‘s new collection of ocean-inspired creations, which are giving us major Little Mermaid vibes.

Check out her gorgeous dress made entirely of hand-blown glass bubbles:


Ariel would totally rock that dress. Just saying.


Van Herpen’s collection is full of billowy, translucent textiles that move like sea creatures swimming underwater.

We’re even seeing a bit of Ursula on Van Herpen’s runway.


You can see the rest of these magical, under-the-sea fashion masterpieces in the video below.

BRB, booking the next flight to Paris.

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