The changing of seasons can totally affect your vagina — here’s how

The weather’s changing, which means we’re about to see the leaves turn a beautiful reddish brown, eat a whole lot of pumpkin-inspired desserts, and experience some changes in our vaginas. Did we lose you on that last one? Stay with us, because you might want to know how things down there get affected by the incoming of autumn.

In a way, you and your vag have a lot to look forward to. As the weather shifts from humid and stifling to crisp and breezy, that means the environment for your vagina becomes a bit friendlier. This may result in less likelihood to contract yeast infections, since there is less humidity surrounding your lower half. All that sweat and heat your vagina became accustomed to in the summer increased your risk of a getting a yeast infection (some of you maybe even got one), but autumn doesn’t put you in the same boat.


Dr. Raquel Dardik, MD, a gynecologist and clinical associate professor at NYU Langone’s Women’s Health Center, tells Cosmopolitan that you still have to watch what clothes you bring into contact with your lady parts. Steer clear of synthetic materials and try not to wear skin-tight stuff all the time (looking at you, legging lovers).

"Looser and breathable clothing is what helps the most in terms of decreasing not just infections, but discomfort in general."

Also, you should know that the dry weather that’s rolling in doesn’t mean your vagina should feel dry. It keeps itself nice and lubricated, so think it needs to match what’s going on on the outside. However, if you start to feel any weird changes down there, don’t, under any circumstance, try to roughly clean your vagina. That means no douches, no fragranced soaps, and no steams. Seriously. Just don’t.


Any changes you experience should be brought directly to your medical provider. Dr. Dardik says it’s never a good thing to try your hand at at-home remedies, because the end results aren’t always so pretty.

"Self-treating recurrent problems doesn't help. For example, tea tree oil happens to be one of the [remedies for irritation] that you can find on the internet... Tea tree oil is actually incredibly caustic, and if people put tea tree oil directly on the vaginal area, it will burn the skin off. And I have seen that."

Okay, duly noted. Take it to the doc. Because there’s so much about autumn to enjoy. Let’s not miss out on it because our vaginas aren’t in great shape.

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