Change Your Life: Letting Go and Taking Control

As a spiritual author I often find that I’m telling people to let loose, release, chill, relax and let go of what wounds them, or what concerns them. I think I’m starting to sound like a stoned surfer dude, but without the fabulous streaky blonde beach hair.

Letting go of a life situation is a powerful way of releasing worry, and allowing new ideas, thoughts and situations to arise naturally.

But sometimes letting go is simply not going to cut it. Maybe you have been releasing a situation for years, and nothing really changes. Perhaps you are stuck in a job, and every time you let go, all that happens is that you are reminded how miserable it makes you. Maybe you are unsure about a travelling expedition, or whether or not to buy a new home. You may be prevaricating back and forth about a friendship or a relationship, unsure as to whether to stay or go, or get married, or divorced, or whether or not love is real…

Letting go can sometimes make big crazy stuff happen all on its own accord. I once let go of a website I was hanging onto running, and in return, as if from nowhere, I was gifted the opportunity to be on a TV show. Other times I have let go, and nothing substantial has changed or happened. But one thing is for sure, letting go of the excess thoughts about a situation, helps make you clearer about how you really feel.

We can let go all we want and it doesn’t necessarily mean we will be gifted anything other than insight. This is where things get scary, because insight into our true feelings means we have to then do something about it. Insight means taking control, making changes, doing the thing that scares us most.

Letting go allows for the universe to create signs for us. When these signs show up, it’s our task to spot them, believe them and do something about them. This is where it gets a little too much for some because taking control means stepping out of a comfort zone, taking a risk, following a path, being brave and embracing difference. You can let go all you want. But unless you follow the signs that arise, then nothing ever changes.

When we refuse to follow our insight and our signs we become trapped in a pattern of behaviour. I know I’ve done this plenty of times. It’s too easy to believe that letting go is enough. If you are at a stalemate, sick of letting go and getting nowhere, it’s time to light a fire under your intent. Next time you choose to let go, don’t do so passively, or hoping for angelic rescue, but do so with your eyes, heart, soul and mind ready and willing to take control, ready to believe the signs, feel the intuition and get the heck outta limbo.

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