This is the one tiny change the ‘Toy Story’ writer would make to the movie

20 years ago, our lives were forever changed by the magic that is Toy Story. It’s a movie that kids and families fell in love with then, and continue to fall in love with to this day. The film has won and been nominated for numerous awards, including being nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe in 1996.

Oscar-winning filmmaker and writer, Andrew Stanton, chatted with Time about the original Toy Story film. He was one of the writers for the movie and has gone on to add other impressive works to his resume, like Wall-E, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and A Bug’s Life. So, he’s behind some of the most memorable animated movies of all time! Talk about winning at life. In his interview with Time, though, Stanton says that Toy Story will always remain number one in his heart, saying, “Frankly, I’ll probably never make a film that’s better.”

Although he considers Toy Story his pride and joy, there is one thing that when looking back he wishes he could change.

Remember that scene in the movie where Woody is trapped under the crate on Sid’s desk and he says to Buzz, ‘You’re a toy, you’re the greatest toy?’ And then Woody gets down on himself because Buzz is a super badass, new toy and he feels like the lesser, washed-up toy. In the scene, Buzz glances at the bottom of his foot where Andy’s name is written and decides to rescue Woody.

Stanton tells Time that he wishes he could have added something very simple to this scene. “I always wanted [Buzz] to just add one more beat and have him look over and see ‘Andy’ also written under Woody’s foot. Just to make that extra bit of connection of how they’re brothers, and they both have value.”

Rarely do artists ever look at that their work and see the perfection for what it really is. In this case, Toy Story is the masterpiece that it is because of how it makes us all feel when we watch it. It’s what it does to us on the inside that has made it what it has become.

Adding in that extra little bit or not, Toy Story is still Toy Story and it will be for generations to come. To infinity and beyond!

(Image via Disney/Pixar)

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