The Chanel fashion show just took over our Instagram, with very good reason

It’s no secret that Karl Lagerfeld attempts (hard) to make every Chanel show mind-blowing every. single. year. In the past, he’s transformed even the most mundane place — a supermarket, for example —  into a glam, high-fashion Chanel canvas. And the the Spring ’16 show, was no exception in the creativity department—for it, Lagerfeld had heads in the clouds. Yes, that’s so totally a pun, because this seaon’s Chanel show transformed Grand Palais into the most rad airport ever a la Chanel Airlines.

The travel-themed presentation has been totally taking over Instagram; giving us some serious FOMO and the travel bug all at the same time, and leaving us with some very conflicting wanderlust / fashion-lust.

In order to enter, guests had to flash their boarding passes, check in at Terminal 2C, and seat themselves for the show. “Flight attendants” tended to the guests, and many of the models carried luggage to complete their fab outfits.

Models wore not what we wear to airports (a hoodie and leggings, personally) but fabulous airline chic. We’re talking tweed jumpsuits (duh, it’s Chanel), shiny silver shoes, chiffon dresses over slouchy trousers. Oh, and naturally, stars were there, like Lily-Rose Depp, the face and muse behind Chanel’s Perle Eyewear. . .

. . . and the ever-fabulous Janelle Monae, rocking black-and-white chic:

. . . and Cara Delevingne (from the first row!):

For a bigger dose of high-end fashion, check out Chanel’s official Instagram page or the event’s hashtag, #chanelairlines. Be prepared to have your expectations of airports heightened to the max.

(Images via Instagram.)

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