Chance the Rapper’s rejected “SNL” sketches actually sound amazing, and can he host already?

In today’s totally adorkable news, Chance the Rapper’s rejected SNL sketches further prove this guy needs to be the next host of SNL — STAT! Seriously! We the fans request his awesomeness! Not only was he last week’s musical guest on the beloved sketch comedy show, but he also contributed his time and talent in the writer’s room.

Attending lengthy table reads and pitching ideas until 2:00 a.m. were all part of Chance’s plan to rule SNL airwaves. During an appearance on Hannibal Buress’s podcast, Chance discusses what the process was like for him. and it sounds like the experience was a positive one.

"Yeah, going into each person’s room, you know what I’m saying — poppin’ in, giving them ideas. I had a few ideas. I’m just gonna shoot ’em all at you really fast: Kwanzaa sketch. Gentrifried chicken. Hillary Clinton tries odd jobs. The Obama sketch. Kanye West joke," he told Hannibal.

Those all sounds hilarious just by name alone! Unfortunately, the only sketch the crew took on was “Jingle Barack” (which was amazing, BTW), but we’re sure there’s another SNL guest spot in his future. He’s so talented, how could they not? Burress also confessed pitching Seth Meyers a sketch called “Fedora Basketball” but it was ultimately rejected, too. Looks like the two have something to bond over. Solidarity in numbers, right?

Maybe next time they can team up for a master sketch that we’ll see on air as sort of a comeback of sorts. They both have the ideas and talent so why not?

You can catch the entire Handsome Rambler podcast episode here, with all the SNL deets spilled around minute six. Be forewarned: Prepare to love Chance the Rapper even more (if that’s even possible).

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