Chance The Rapper’s brother came out as bisexual, and his tweets about it are truly inspiring

Chance The Rapper continues to win us over — so it should come as no surprise that his family is equally fantastic. Using Twitter, Chance the Rapper’s brother came out as bisexual, and the words he expressed are truly beautiful.

Since creative people often have equally creative siblings, Taylor Bennett is also a musician. He released a free album called Broad Shoulders back in 2015, which served as his debut. Prior to, he put a few mixtapes out. He celebrates a birthday today, January 19th, and figured that the best gift he could give himself is honesty, truth, and openness.

Bennett turns 21 today, which is a pretty big event — and we’re loving the fact that he managed to make this monumental birthday even more important.

Here are the fantastic tweets, which are inspiring to all:

His numerous followers were nothing but supportive, which surely meant the world to him. Coming out, especially when you’re in the public eye, is quite brave.


Of course, perhaps the best reaction of all was from his big brother.

Not only did Chance the Rapper post one of the ultimate sweetest videos, which celebrated his family, but he had nothing but kind and sweet words to say towards his brother.

We’ve got tears in our eyes. Of course, the love goes both ways with these two. Bennett posted the photo below just two days ago.

These two are positively amazing, and set up some pretty high sibling goals we should all try to reach.

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