Just call him Chance the Stan because Chance the Rapper won’t hear one bad word against his new fave movie “The House

Just for your information, guys, Chance the Rapper isn’t here for people coming for The House. You know, that Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler movie where they start a casino? Apparently, the musical artist just got around to fitting the flick into his busy schedule of recording music and saving Chicago public schools. And now, Chance the Rapper has dropped the hammer on the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes for giving the movie a poor review. The Coloring Book rapper whole-heartedly disagreed, calling the movie “funny as f*ck.” Clearly, the Chancellor is in charge. And he won’t stand for anyone not valuing it appropriately.

On Friday, Chance tweeted out a message to his followers in which he called out Rotten Tomatoes for giving the June 2017 comedy a 17% rating on its “Tomatometer.” Of the 65 critic reviews counted, only 11 rated this R-rated film as “fresh” and the other 54 deemed it as being “rotten.” However, when pooling the audience, 39% liked the film, giving it a 3- out of 5-star rating overall.

While critic reviews cited The House as having a “decent premise and a talented cast,” they felt the movie lacked well-rounded characters and “comic momentum.” The plot, which is centered around a family trying to recoup their losses by starting an illegal casino after losing money for their daughter’s college tuition, may seem lofty — but with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler in starring roles, this film was sure to generate big-time laughs. After all, these two have run the comedy world for years — from their days starring on SNL to bigger budget movies.

Considering this film brought in over $25 million at the box office, we’d say it wasn’t a total flop. Sometimes, movies are worth seeing just-for-fun even if they aren’t considered the next iconic film. 

As for Chance the Rapper, he’s ruled that this movie is definitely worth watching.

And followed up his initial tweet with a few follow-up thoughts.

We have just one thing to say — and Twitter user Elexess said it for us.

Now, we gotta go watch The House again.

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