Chance the Rapper lead Chicago’s Parade To The Polls yesterday, and why weren’t we there?!

After that Kit Kat commercial, we didn’t think we could love this guy more. Just yesterday, Chance the Rapper lead Chicago’s Parade To The Polls, and gave fans a pretty solid musical start to the big day. After performing a set for his Get Out the Vote concert, his “parade” went straight to an early polling site to vote for America’s next president.

Chance the Rapper has been extremely vocal and incredible regarding this election, and it’s so amazing that he’s making the voting experience so memorable for so many. An avid Hillary Clinton supporter, Chance is all about getting millennials out to vote. We’re loving the fact that he knows how important it truly is.

(And, we’re also loving the fact that thousands — not hundreds — of people voted last night. And he made sure people knew it was thousands.)

Don’t believe it? Just take a look at this crowd.


And if that wasn’t enough…

Not only does Chance bring out a crowd, but he inspired people to rock the vote. Surely a lot of “I Voted” stickers were handed out last night, and we’re definitely impressed.

Even if you weren’t at the Grant Park show last night, you can still find a way to participate today. Find your local polling place, and don’t let lines convince you to turn around and go home. This is a privilege that’s definitely worth the wait.

And, hey — if your line is as long as Chicago lines last night, just download some songs from Chance the Rapper’s newest release, Coloring Book, and enjoy his incredible tunes in the meantime.

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