Chance the Rapper is apparently crushing on Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong as hard as we are

Even before their epic performances in Ghostbusters, we were crushing hard on Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. We seriously can’t get enough of McKinnon’s spot on  impressions and Strong’s brilliantly delivered Weekend Update characters.

But it turns out that Chance the Rapper also knows comedic gold when he sees it, using social media to project his true feelings about the performers.

He tried to strike up a conversation with McKinnon on Twitter, though she famously still does nothave a Twitter account of her own (WHY?!).

She didn’t reply, so it was sort of a bust.


Two minutes later he went for Strong, who also doesn’t use Twitter (how do they do… anything?).

Ummmmmm did you read that?

It says, “In another life, I’d make you breakfast in bed for everyday for every meal of the day.” That is so darn cute! And definitely requires a response from Cecily Strong!

However, there’s been no bite.


We get that they’re busy being funny and everything, but guys, Twitter is calling!

Currently we’re imagining the back-and-forth Tweets that could potentially happen between Chance the Rapper, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon, and we think it’s absolutely essential that they sign up immediately.

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