The trailer for Mindy Kaling’s new sitcom is here, and it involves a lot of musical references

Since The Mindy Project ended last November (RIP), we’ve been waiting to find out how we’re going to get Mindy Kaling back on our TV screens. Turns out, the answer is a whole new TV show from Mindy’s amazing comedic mind. The show is Champions, an upcoming NBC comedy from Mindy herself, and one of her Mindy Project co-producers, Charlie Grandy. It got a series order from NBC last summer, and now we finally have a trailer!

Champions follows Vince (you might recognize him as Anders Holm, also from The Mindy Project, we’re so #blessed), a no-strings-attached kinda guy and gym owner who’s confronted with a high school fling (shocker, it’s Mindy!), who introduces him to his now-teenage son. There are a lot of things we already love about this show, including but not limited to the cast which is clearly bomb, but we’re especially into the multitude of musical references.

Let’s be honest, is there anything more satisfying than speaking fluent pop culture and, in effect, understanding all the references when watching a TV show? It makes up for all of those tweenage years watching Gilmore Girls where you liked what everybody was saying but had no idea what they were actually talking about (…just us?).

Like, Vince’s son take Vince to task for leaving Mindy to raise him on her own, and compares her to Fantine from Les Mis. We hope Mindy’s life in the show was a liiiiittle better than that, but it’s an apt reference. There’s also a Bernadette Peters shoutout, and since she’s basically the personification of musical theater, it’s like a double whammy. Plus, it seems like his obsession with musical theater (or Bernadette) is what inspired him and his mother to move to New York City in the first place. Gotta respect a kid who knows what he wants!

Check out the trailer Mindy Kaling shared to Instagram earlier today!

Champions premieres on NBC on March 8th, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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