Champagne six-packs are a thing in case you want to pop more than one bottle at a time

If popping one bottle at a time is just way too tame for partying preferences, perhaps champagne that comes in a six-pack is what you need in life. So before anyone says it, we know that this may not be considered the most ~refined~ way to sip on some bubbly, but it’s all going down the same way, so does the presentation really matter? Well, sort of, but we’re still #teamsixpack.

Honestly, this is probably the best thing since Moët & Chandon introduced a champagne vending machine. And whaddya know, they’re also responsible for these six packs.

Science says drinking champagne is good for you, so once again it appears that the liquor brand was thinking of ways to provide easy accessibility to champs-induced health benefits when they came up with this plan, amirite?

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Maybe not, but one thing’s for sure: Moët & Chandon are way too good at enticing us to guzzle, er, drink more champagne.

The champagne six packs contain 187-milliliter bottles of Imperial Brut and come with golden flute toppers because absolutely nothing will detract from the fancy experience that is drinking champs.

And the price is just as posh. For $99.95, you too can have a champagne six-pack just sitting around waiting to make its appearance at any wedding, New Year’s celebration or other celebratory affair.

Of their mini share packs, Moet & Chandon said in a statement, “Whether staying local for a backyard barbecue or heading out of town with friends, the Moët Mini Share Pack is the best way to elevate any summer soirée.”

Absolutely! Now we’re off to buy up ALL of the bottles so we’ll be prepared to celebrate the arrival of summer in style.